Weird Profile Glitch?


So basically, on my profile for me, it doesn't show anything really. It just shows the preference. Here's a pic:

And it's ALWAYS highlighting the summary, except when it's on preferences. It's been happening for a while now, I thought I just had to wait for it to load but now I don't think so. It's also been happening when I click on other peoples profiles.


Just reload. It happens to me also. You may have to do it a couple times tough.:grinning:
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Maybe it's because of the draft


That draft was this topic. And it happened even without having the draft there


I'm not sure what happened, maybe email THT about it? :smile:


That happened to me sometimes.
Try reloading and reclicking the profile


Sorry, but THT can't fix forum bugs :confused:


Oh, I didn't know that. :(


Oh yeah that happened to me earlier today!


I think this happened to me once


Happens to me too, it's annoying D:

Just reload the page :wink:


Check the URL. Or the tab. If it shows Profile-(username) then you're fine. Sometimes, it still shows the add.ress of the topic you were on before, or what you were doing before. Restart the tab, and click on the profile again.
Hope this helps! :D