Weird poll problem



All the polls in my '3D minecraft game!?' topic have become very negative... like all the yes votes changed places with no votes. I don't know if this is a bug or maybe everyone hated the game and revoted. Just want to know... :sweat_smile:


To Everyone Angry about Rehoping/Remixing

[Taylor Swift voice] Cuz the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate! But I thought it was a good game game game game game!

Seriously, I think it's good. Did I vote no by accident? :yum:


That'not the point. i don't think all the people who voted would take the time to change their vote in every poll of a game they didn't enjoy... so its either a bug or someone hacked it. But i think it is a bug because the yes and no votes just switched places. the poll in the example first had 96% yes and 4% no... now its the opposite...


Sorry. :3 Weird.. Maybe you could talk to the Discourse staff..?


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Yeah, polls have been doing that's weird


Try this:

  • I am on this forum
  • I am not on this forum



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@MagmaPOP I saw that too, and j thought it was an inside glitch..... Weird, it has 1,000+ likes last time I check (orthodontics [braces] visit).


Pretty sure most people love your game :stuck_out_tongue::blush:


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Glitch with polls

Yeah... a glitch, since everyone should be on the forum. The one person who said they weren't on the forum...


Hehe...... I totally wasn't the person who chose that


@MagmaPOP, I think I'm the 4%... WHY IS EVERYONE HATING MINECRAFT?!?!

Try this one...

  • CV Studios is Awesome!

  • CV Studios is bad...



@MagmaPOP, this definitely is a glitch. It flips the choices sometimes. Someone else had the same problem. For example, someone chooses the top choice, and it flips to the bottom. Weird.


It happens at 9 voters


I dunno...
Cuz the haters gonna hate hate hate
It wuz a good game game game
Shake it off!

  • I love Friendship Studios
  • I hate Friendship Studios


Try that.


I just voted on one of the polls and everything switched... Glitch for sure


Someone should post this on discourse meta...