Weird "Number of likes on a Project" bug.. 🐜


Im sure this bug has been reported already, but I have a few screenshots and a bit of info on it.

Your username: Pumpkin Girl

What kind of device are you using?: IPad

One sentence description of the problem: I was looking through my "Remaixes of My Projects" tab when I found a project with an odd number of like six on it...
When I liked it the amount of likes switched to none and the app unexpectedly shut...

Steps to make the problem happen:
1. Look at the project, with huge number of likes,
2. Like the project,
3. The app crashes

I expected this to happen:
To be a normal amount of like in the beginning and for the amount of likes to go up, not down, when I liked it.

But instead this happened:

The likes turned to nothing and the app crashed.

Here’s a sweet screenshot:

I hope you don't mind me using a screenshot of your project, "Kato!".


Well ok
That's weird


I remember my brother having the same thing last year. He saw a swirl project that was blue, I can't remember the creator or the name but what I do remember was that when he liked the project the likes turned into '1 like' and when he unliked the project it turned into a big number again.

I don't know if it only happens to him or it's just a wierd glitch that happens rarely? (^_^;)


This has happened to me too, and it is a bug that is rare. The project does not have that amount of likes, when you like it you will see how many likes it has. I have also experienced this bug one time before, THT will hopefully fix it.


I remember that happening in 2014. And 2015 and 2016. But not that weird one in 1966.


I saw that once on a project that said someone body was gonna leave and I couldn't believe my eyes


This happens from time to time. Since it's pretty rare, we probably won't prioritize solving it but thanks for the reminder that it's still going on!


Oh that's kinda strange