Weird New topic?


I just saw a new topic on the forum so I went to click on it. It said in big text:
Sorry, you don't have access to this topic.

I didn't take a screenshot because it happend so fast. I don't know why that happend and now the topic is gone. The title of the topic was random letters and it looked like spam.
Has if a happend to anyone else?


Maybe it was another test for deleting topics?


I assume it was just a testing topic.


I was litterally about to make a topic about that! Was the topic called prodndnwkkwksksJksJS?


I'm making PMs xD


Yes! You saw it too?




That was my other theory. So PMs shows up for a split second?


Life is now explained... XD


I get notifications if someone makes any kind of topic. Even PM's. I'm special.


You turned on Watching first post right


It can be a private topic or a deleted topic


That happened to me, it was made by Poptart0219, so I'm guessing it was just for mods to see? It was titles a bunch of random letters. XD