Weird Name Glitch?



Ummm why are the "boldness" of the names different... Is it because shes new?


That's for new user I think.


Okay thanks! I saw it and i was like whaaaaat and yea


Yeah, I think when you earn basic user it goes away.


Also, I think it's light gray if you're suspended.


but when i @ @lildisaster3 it doesn't say suspended...
edit: never mind i get what your saying


@SnowGirl_Studios I am super confused. What did I do?


She was just confused about the boldness of usernames. :grinning:


Yep I see it right now it's just because of a welcome badge and a regular badge!:wink:


Oooooh I get it... Sort of:sweat_smile:


Sorry @lildisaster3 i just got a little confused as usual! You did nothing wrong :wink:


Okay. I got scared for a minute. Actually like three minutes and 20 something seconds... @SnowGirl_Studios


Sorry! i didn't mean to do that! I am like Reallllllllllllly sorry! I was just super confused and you were the closest example.. sorry!


Okay. I understand what you mean thiugh. Everybody is gray on my ipad. So i had to log on to a computer version to see it. So much exersice. @SnowGirl_Studios


lol whats your user on hopscotch?


lildisaster3 same as this... Im weird. I know. What's yours? I will follow you!****


your not weird lol and mine is SnowGirl Studios


Okay. I will follow on Hopscotch.