Weird Link Glitch?



@Kiwicute2016, @BuildASnowman, and possibly some others are currently making a collab.
BuildASnowman was kind enough to give me the link, and I'm trying to work on it.
But there's something stopping me.
Normally, when you click a link, there is the "open in HS" tab available. Not for me, this time.
I really want to work on it, but it's preventing me! What can I do?
(I have the app hopscotch)


I have had similar problems, and I couldn't do anything to fix it. Well, maybe there was something I could've done, but I didn't know.

@Liza? Have you heard about similar glitches?

Oh, and the reason I'm on during school days is its spring break. I'm online later because of central time, I'm and hour behind!


That's weird. I haven't had that problem :thinking:


Arghh, I tried with other links too. All didn't work ;-;


Well, it happens with me sometimes. Sometimes something comes up saying "Whoops! Looks like you're offline." Or something like that.
Should I give you my Pi Day project link or any link to try?


Do you have a problem?


send me the link and i'll see if it's weird for me, too.


Ok. I'll do it on a message cuz it's private


What are you talking about?


This is finally fixed on an  update! 9.3.1! Finally! :D


Plz switch with me, profile pics


@LotsaPizza lol @BOO_APRIL_FOOLS


I can't get that update. The tech team has to make sure all of the apps will work fine with it. Which takes at least a month or two. ;-;