Weird link glitch? What?


When I go from here to hopscotch through a link it looks pitch black? I did this leave a trail sin and cos art of an S and it looks like this:

When pit should look like this! src="/uploads/default/original/3X/5/6/56324bc7fa6b34cc8fc236c6e2980f67a598c92e.png" width="666" height="500">

Edit: fixing the image thing now


Did you like, come off the app quickly and then go back into HS real quick? I think it's some kinda weird thing.... dont judge me :stuck_out_tongue:


No it's straight from the link


Oh, yeah! That happens. Try pressing the restart button and it should be fixed, this happens to me all the time!


This always happens to me! Just click restart :wink:


Ditto on that


I thought I was the only one with a glitch like this!

I find it helpful to hit that button next to the "See Code" button, the restart, that will restart the project. If the problem persists after a few tries, try exiting the project and then going back on! The webplayer is new and the Hopscotch Team is still working on fixing these glitches. When you find one, be sure the bring it up ASAP so they can see what is going on!


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I have that glitch too! Why does it happen?