Weird likes problem?



Ummmm...@Liza? @Kiwicute2016? @Ian? @BuildASnowman?
What happened did someone hack so they could get a lot of likes?


Whenever I like the project it goes away when I un-like it, it comes back what is this?


This is a glitch, they clicked it so many times that it got that way. The Hopscotch Team knows about this (I think... :wink:)


Oh OK whew!


WOAH! There is a real hacker in hopscotch?
actually... probably just a bug, did you try to restart hopscotch?




I think 2 plays isn't enough for that many likes. Although, that would defiantly be put on trending. :smirk:


Lol it's just a glitch guys... Calm down :stuck_out_tongue:


It's a glitch that the Hopscotch Team hasn't put as a priority. If you click on the heart button, the number of likes will turn to one.


So it's like that bug where you go into a project and when you get out, it only has one view until you like it.


Something like that. One of my youtube videos got stuck at 54 views.


I thought they fixed it? It's been almost a year that I've discovered this bug

Well... I guess not


That's creepy... But cool :stuck_out_tongue:


There have been multiple topics about this, but yeah, it's a glitch. It happened to one of my projects.:wink:


I like how you used the word "real". :yum:


Mine was the first topic on it


lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh. Whoops. Sorry About that...


Wow this is not weird at all I want to see if I can do this to someone to make there day!


How do you do this? I want to do it to someone!


What I am confused?
This is my topic.