Weird glitch with the likes


Look at those likes. One time a member of the HT said that there were only 3,000 Hopscotchers. Can a member of the HT tell me how many Hopscotchers there are

Is this a glitch?

The Hopscotch Team says there have been over 2 million downloads of Hopscotch :scream::joy:


Hopscotch is a really good app that I know a lot of people use, but I never knew it was this famous!


I guess 2 million downloads could include the same person downloading Hopscotch on different devices, but still that's heaps. And the Hopscotch told me this a while ago so they've had 2 million+ downloads for around 6 months or so now, and that means there are even more at the moment :scream:


Please dont find me weird for thid but when i saw hopscotch on the demo ipads at the shops i claped then started trying to log on(I couldn't because it said this app is for demonstration purposes only)


I've seen Hopscotch demo version on iPads in stores too :smile: Pretty awesome to see it in the Apple Store iPads.


Yay! That means hopscotch is getting introduced to more people. :laughing:


The number could have changed