Weird Glitch With Anniversaries/Birthdays/Groups



Okay so whenever I want to see users birthday/anniversary or people in a group, it doesn’t load! Here’s an example of anniversaries where it only goes to September 9th, and I know that can’t be right because my anniversary is September 21.

@OMTL anyone else experiencing this problem?


Huh weird…never noticed this before


You joined this year


No you are just looking at it wrong!

They put it like this
Year Month Day
So like 2017/12/10

Also you scrolled to the bottom so you can’t see your name. It isn’t a glitch.


Also happy cake day @SmileyAlyssa


I do not really know if this is because that you joined this year, or because of something else. I could not see you on that list either, I checked it on my account.


This is really confusing, thank @Kayro for telling me that it’s year month day, but I still have the problem with the groups where I sometimes can’t see some people on the list or I can’t see myself. I also don’t see myself on the anniversary list thing, but that might be because it’s my first year or something


I went to the @OMTL Group thing and I scrolled down, and this was the furthest I could go


It might have to load a little.


Yeah I try and try and try. And its not a problem with the internet


I can still view the cake day


Wait… did anyone else experience this yesterday?


Yeah. The forum decided to stop. It was a bug.


K. Just making sure it wasn’t just me and there was something wrong with my iPad.


I was thinking that when I saw it. I also saw it only happened for 25 ish minutes but it felt like foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeer


Yeah this happened to everyone


RG: gets of for a minute OH NO! I’M DYING AGHHHHH!
Yah, okay @HopscotchRemixer


Hello I am @HopscotchRemixer’s evil twin.