Weird glitch? D:


So I tagged AvocadoDon't in a topic and then it gave me a first mention badge! I'm really confused because I have definately tagged someone before. Why is this happening just now? Is it actually my first tag? I'm positive it isn't but @Kiwicute2016? @BuildASnowman?

Oh yeah and all those weird tabs I have is for a project and no I don't live in Hanover so it's not personal information! :wink: Just in case people think that!


I got that too and I was also confused! I have been tagged in many topics, I'm on the tag list


They just added this badge so they did not know tart you ever done it until now



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OHHH ok! I was like:


That moment when @seawolfwerehorse uses the same meme as me at the same time xD


Thee are new badges on the forum. :smile:


Cool! I literally just looked at @smileyalyssa's topic and I was like OHHH


@DancingLollipop, they may have added new badges!


Yes it came in the new discourse update they also added a first emoji badge!:smiley:


:grinning: Will it earn, I wonder...


Yup! This is normal! It's just some new badges added. It does count your latest posts because they are super simple and widely used :wink:

Just @someone and have an :sunglasses::disappointed_relieved::heart_eyes: in your post and you'll get them!!


I got that badge the moment it came out. :smile:



I don't use a lot of emojis anymore!


Why were you on tv websites?
@DancingLollipop omg seriously :joy::joy::zap::zap::disappointed::disappointed::wink::wink::panda_face::panda_face::unicorn::unicorn::wind_blowing_face::wind_blowing_face:


It's a project for school :sweat_smile: It's called the "Budget Project" and this week it's all about finding tv and phone plans.


@DancingLollipop ...I think it's new