Weird forum layout?


So, when I went to the forum, this happened:

I had to refresh the page quite a few times to get it back to normal. Has any one else's experienced this?

Also, don't forget to turn in your back to school contest projects today!


First! And what? How did that happen


I'm not sure, it was like that when I opened it! :blush:


This occurs because the forum loaded incorrectly.


Try refreshing or asking the Discourse team.


This happens if your wifi doesn't load correctly. Just reload, but if it doesn't work, check your wifi


That's never happened to me before???
How did that happen?




Do you have some restricted websites on your iPhone? My laptop does that sometimes, and I'm not sure, but I think it does that because I have K9 web protection on it.


That's never happened to me next time you could try closin the forum then log back in


It's not using images properly.