Weird Featured Project!?


Is anyone else seeing a remix of KillerCroc's Wrath of Taco Bell on featured?!?
I haven't played it yet, but pretty sure it's just a high score thing..


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I remember a remix of Don't Get 30! Accidentally got on game changers DX


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You don't see it?
It even has 250+ likes, so I'm assuming I'm not the only one


I saw it too. I don't see why it deserves a spot in featured.


Yehhhhhh... It's even a remix!


This is remixed from the hurricane game that was on Featured, right?


Yup. That's what I thought. I didn't believe that project deserved a Feature as well.


Thanks! Here's a like! :heart:


i think this project sends the wrong message to everyone,
Remixing Projects will get you on Featured


I see it. It changes almost nothing. The tornado turned into a burrito and that's it.


@Liza @Ian @Asha Is there a reason or a weird mistake?


It might be because they laughed. According to (Liza?) a HT member, they can put projects on Featured if they think it's funny. Still, I don't think this is Feature-worthy,


I don't think it's feature worthy, they changed NOTHING
and I agree with the laugh part, but they probably only had a gag at the KillerCroc version


Yeah, and someone who (I'm guessing?) made the remix with the taco stuff before made it in rising... I think 3 weeks ago


Yeah, it's jus killer croc's Tornado Run but with the emojis being replaced with new ones! I have seen projects that deserve featured more than a reskin of a previously featured game.


I looked at the guy who made its profile. Apparently he remixes/rehops a lot of things.


Thanks guys for bringing this up. I hear you.

I featured this project because I thought it's a clever remix of Tornado Run and, as you guessed, made me laugh a lot. I do think it's sometimes okay if the code itself isn't changed. Just like in drawing projects, we feature cool things that people have made with other's initial work. These projects don't alter the code, they just make something different (and amazing!) on top of it.

Would it feel different if there was more prominent credit?

Separately, I totally recognize that we miss a TON of great projects. Help us find them! Favorite things that you think are really great or send us an email about them. We would love your help featuring more awesome projects. It's one of the hardest parts of my job!