Weird feature? Please help!


Uh guys I see a weird featured project it's a copie of @magmaPOP's project here it is @liza this was not even a funny or creative remix!


Thanks, @Huggingfluffybear! This project is a remix of MagmaPOP's AMAZING project, and it adds some really valuable things. It makes the game much faster to play because it loads more quickly and can restart without loading. This is really useful because it makes you want to play more.

I think it's an awesome example of collaboration and building off each other's work. It wouldn't be possible without each contributor's work.


The remix added a restart button so you won't have to restart the whole game!


Oh okay!


And off topic @Liza but are you going to suspend me?


Why would she do that? Everyone here forgives you!

Now let's GBOT. :D


Very coo! :D

I love that game.

MagmaPOP did a very nice job on it! :D

And the remix that reduced lag was even better. :D


Unfeature it please @liza @asha @alish @Ian @system


I think that as the creator of the project I can demand that a remix of it shouldn't be on featured... Especially when the original project didn't get featured. You did this once before and I didn't quite like it.


Why do that?20202020202


Why don't you want the remix featured?


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As Liza already said, the remix adding some cool things. It's not fair for you to just come here and say unfeature. The remixer worked hard and added things, they didn't just remix.


Again, please unfeature it @liza


The only person that can request the un feature is the person who featured it :) as long as it isn't hurting, ■■■■■■■■, or being rude to you, it can stay up :slight_smile:


It is being rude to me though...


Try to be happy for them :) it may or may not be easy for you, but just try :)




That's a little rude.. You made the original game, and it shows that it was remixed from you. That person worked hard to fix your game. You should be happy for them.


I'm not though... Whoops


Ok, I understand your not happy. But, this person deserved it. They improved your game. Think of it as a collaboration. That person helped you make the game better.