Weird error message that never goes away [HELP]


So I was trying to edit my general topic and this kept popping up when I hit done and that happends everytime and there is no time that it doesn't pop up
This is weird can someone help
And I tried refreshing and didn't work either



(Sorry if you don't wanna be tagged)


Hmmmm I don't really know. :thinking:


Try deleting your history than doing that.


Like windows in safari




I did both now let's test


Nope didn't work :confused:


Hmm that seems strange


Hmm I just know that if a topic is too old to be edited, it won't let you edit, but I think the pencil icon isn't available in that case instead. (Edit: oh I see your topic is a wiki :blush:) Was it the same after you refresh the page?


And this is the only topic that does that for some reason