Weird Email from THT


@Montoya @Rodrigo @Liza

I got a weird email from you guys, and I don't know what to do with it. I also was a beta tester but didn't get a free-week trial that other people apparently got.

Is there anything I should do??


I got an email like that from my teacher. It's gmai.l that's glitching.




Oh, this is interesting. Is that all you received? Have you tried to open it again? It looks like something that wasn't loaded properly. Is this the Apple Email app?


I got this once.

Email THT it's just a bug don't worry! :-D


Yup, Apple.

I got two, but the other one was the regular one with all the promos n such. I'll try again...


It means the email somehow got corrupted.


okay it's good. I got the same email twice for some reason.


Ok, then it's good now! :smiley:


Glad its good

i didnt get the week trial either but i cant get it either way lol

@PopTart0219 why not


Yeah. Weird that I got the same email twice