Weird Editor Bug [OPEN] (low priority)

Sooo…I think this is a bug

I did it by clicking a link (while I was in a draft [in hs]) and I went back to my project—expecting my copied code to not be there (since it usually deletes when exiting the project) but it came up with a paste button. So I hit it, and it came up with the expected block
But all wonk

  1. It looked like an older block version
  2. I couldn’t edit anything in it

I fixed it easily by just exiting and re entering (like so many other small bugs) but it’s just weird


I think the latest Hopscotch version is awesome, but it feels like there are bugs and not very smooth things hiding in the editor…

I have a list that I will compile if I can replicate the bugs and weird/unstable things I’ve found or experienced. One is that Hopscotch seems to have dropped support for very old projects (at least uploading them if you transfer them to a newer device). It makes the whole publishing interface non-responsive and using the old app for publishing gives a blank thumbnail and “Whoops! We were unable to download this project” when trying to open. I don’t know if this is just partially and happens if you publish a project from the old editor and unpublish it (and try to post it again) or if it’s a full dropped support.

Anyways, I hope all these small bugs and inconsistencies get fixed by possible!


Hopscotch automtically saves your code.

Also, were you trying to paste the link you went to in there? If so, then I think I can see the bug.


Nothing to do with it – don’t just post for the sake of posting.

@Nobody just an inconsistency, it does not happen too often.

But one thing for sure: if you copy code, then text, code stays copied and works 99% of the time. However, if you copy text then code, then the text gets removed from your clipboard.


That’s odd!
I’m not sure what to say since I’ve never been in that situation before, ahh sorry! :grimacing:

Try refreshing the app? Like Cv said, Hs is wired to save your code.
And I agree with William, so many bugs lurking behind the beautiful update!


iOS 11 in a nutshell. I hope HS becomes close to bug free, because at this rate, nobody’s coming in and people are going out


I mean I copied code then exited the project, went back in and the code was still copied
If that’s what’s you’re saying

That doesn’t usually happen


Yes, it does. Not the bug, but if you copy text after, the code and text both stay copied.


I’m marking this as low priority. It doesn’t seem like that big of a problem, but let me know if it is, in fact, a big deal.


It hasn’t happened to me since, but I’ve closed all my drafts before opening a link