Weird drawing glitch?! (ANSWERED)


Thanks @KVJ @Snoopy @Goobrgrlrye @MobCraft @BellaWafflez17 for answering! I tried drawing in landscape and everything was fine!!


Huh...well even so ask THT


@KVJ said that he had contacted @thomas from THT and they should be working on it...


Yeah, I believe @thomas also made a post about it


Oh okay!! That's cool, it should be fixed soon. I have to go now. Byeeee!!! It's 9:30pm in my time zone!!




No problem! I love helping the community! If you ever run into any more trouble, just tag me and I'd be happy to answer! :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for answering me! :grinning:


Welcome to the forum :D


Thank you! I haven't been on long, but everyone has been amazingly kind and helpful! I really appreciate it!:blush:



Here's some topics you can check out to learn a little about the forum!


That happens to me a lot to! Just turn the iPad to the way the project is created and it should be fixed! Hope this helped!


Thanks! I'll read those!!!:yum: