Weird drawing glitch?! (ANSWERED)


I was drawing on Hopscotch (I was on an iPad if that helps?) when this happened:

It happens a lot if I'm honest, since the new update! It's just really annoying because sometimes I spend forever on a drawing and then KABAM!! It's ruined! It only seems to happen on certain parts of the screen, though??
If any of you have the same problem, know how to fix it, or want to say something irrelevant please reply to this with @Musketeer_1234 (me) in it... Thanks for reading and potentially helping!!!
Thanks for helping everyone!!!


I've had that and told @thomas about it so the HS team is hopefully working in it. If you're on an iPad then try Landscape, it might go away :wink:

Hope this helps


Try landscape mode if you're on an iPad, and it will go away.


Thanks @BellaWafflez17 and @KVJ :no_mouth: ! I'll try it now and see if it works!

Does that count as a postobomb because of the emoji?


No problem! And if you need any help just @ me or @KVJ if he's ok with it.


I'm always okay with it! Tag me anytime!


Postobomb? Sorry, I literally joined the forum 5 hours ago...:grinning:



Yeah it's my version of "photobomb". A photobomb is where you appear in a photo when you're not the main person. My title emoji happened to be in that post so I called it a postobomb :wink:


Thank you so much! :relaxed: @BellaWafflez17 what is your hopscotch name? If you have it of course...


Ha! I get it now, sorry... I looked it up and the forum came up!! :no_mouth: :joy::joy:


You might know me, I'm iWaffle.


Omigosh really!! I love your projects!! I really like your drawing style!!


I'm sorry for asking you that, it's in your bio... I didn't even see that...


And that's okay!


This happens to me too! Right now, I don't think there's a way to solve this problem without THT dealing with it. Just deal with it for now, like I've been! :3


There's another topic explaining this.
It's a glitch. THT should be working on it :smiley:


Yeah that happens to me a lot. Try turning your iPad to a horizontal position.


I think I wrote the other topic!


Please! I'd love to be friends!!:laughing: