Weird code? What is this?


Ok, so I was playing around on the levels and just looking at blocks. So there was only 1 rainbow block so I looked to see what it was. It was all Chinese or Japan or well I don't know writing. Is this a joke or made on April 1st? I'm very confuzzled


People around. The world use hopscotch so the letters could be in different languages.


But this is the only one that was different. And all the rest of the writing is English. I also tested the same blocks and they were English too.


Rawrbear bear approves :+1: :laughing::laughing::laughing: Is there a way to set up a language?

P.S. I would like, but I can't because I ran out of likes :yum:


Wait a minute... Everything else is English...? @Liza


Yea @Rawrbear only the numbers are different


I can read Chinese but I'm not a Chinese, lets not talk about where we come from, but it think there was some glitch with either your iPad or your Hopscotch. Have you tried swiping the app off from the "recent apps" bar.

You can do this by using four fingers to swipe the screen up.


It's done that to me too. I think it's just a translation glitch. Anyway, it's not like it's too big of a deal.


@KathrynJaneway is right. It's just a little glitch that doesn't matter.


Maybe it has to do with what language on their keyboard.


It's in Chinese or japanese


Huh I have no idea what you mean that makes no sense can you explain it in an easier doctor suess way


Urgh.. Nevermind... What I meant was the language was Chinese, not Japanese. Japanese- you know what, nevermind. Like seriously.


But the only keyboard I have is emoji and fancykey @InnerSparkle


Oh, I meant the languages on the keyboard of the person who created code/project. Sorry if that's confusing