Weird Circle Glitch or Bug


So I finally started coding again!! But something wasn’t working and I think it’s a problem with my code, not a glitch with HS.

So, basically I’m trying to draw a circle, with a grid thing going through it that has four quadrants, and a dot in the origin.
But the origin sometimes doesn’t go in the right place.

Here I draw the circle. Basically two dots overlapping as a fast way to make a circle. Nothing wrong with the code. It always draws the circle.

Here I draw the X line or the line that goes horizontally through the circle. When it bumps the y, they will both be in the center, so I made code that records their positions during their time in the center.

This is the y line.

This is the origin, the place that keeps messing up.

Now I want it to look like this and it works most of the time.

But sometimes the dot for the origin ends up in the left corner.

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong or if it’s possible that this is a glitch?


There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with your code. I think it might just be a bug.


Does this happen more often when first playing the project (rather than after clicking the restart button)? If so, it might be because the player takes a couple of seconds until it reaches full FPS, while Wait blocks are independent of the frame rate. This might cause problems.

Can you give us a link?


No, usually the screen is blank and I have to hit replay or it works or it doesn’t.
Here’s the link -


Bottom, left corner. As in a position of 0, 0 which is what both ‘X value origin’ and ‘Y value origin’ are before they’re set by the bump event.

So it could be 1 of 2 issues:

The issue doesn’t reproduce for me, so I can’t directly try to troubleshoot it. However you could troubleshoot it a couple different ways:

  • code a secondary action in Bump event, like changing the trail color. That way you can confirm that the bump occurred. (I shortened the Wait of the center dot to force the issue to create the image below) So if you then see the red line and the mislocated center dot, you know it wasn’t a problem with the Bump and the problem was most likely timing.

  • To test if there’s a timing anomaly, create a counter that records how many frames have passed when the origin dot is drawn & when the Bump occurs. If the value at the origin dot is less, then there was a timing problem.

(In the image below, the origin value is higher then bump value, so it’s ok)

Here’s the code changes you’d need



While the player still starts slow (more so on the first play than a restart), I noticed while making the counter code shown above that the Wait block delay actually does now vary with frame rate rather than being independent. Not sure when THT fixed this, but I wish they’d tell the community when they made changes.



Unless you’ve a specific reason for wanting to code it with multiple objects and bumps, you might want to consider just using a single object. This isn’t dependent on timing or bumps but draws the same image:


That should work, thank you very much!! Would you like to have credit in my project?


Thank you so much! I did slow the speed down and turn the text into visible text so it was visible that the “bump” occurred but sometimes it still didn’t work. But I will use the code that you gave me, thanks a lot!!


You’re welcome. No credit necessary.

Did the troubleshooting tips for the original method make sense? I think there’s significant value in understanding why something works or doesn’t work when coded a certain way. And I’m glad to see that you were trying to figure it out! :smiley: