Weird but true for hopscotch book


I was thinking about making a weird but true book on hopscotch. So please comment weird but true facts below and I will put them in my book on hopscotch. You will get credit! And please don't close this because it is related to hopscotch. The facts can be about anything as long as it isn't inappropriate!


Kiwicute2016 and many other awesome Hops have given me likes…?



Ok, I put it in :grinning:


Really? Yay thank you!


Someone from Greece designed the Hopscotch characters. He isn't even part of the Hopscotch team!


Cosmic Cody is a pun, as in 'Cosmic CODE-y.'

Likes used to be called stars!

There used to be a trend about mermaids on HS, starting when someone pretended to be a mermaid on HS. They never denied it. This led to more fakers, mermaid HS stories, mermaid RPs, mermaid drawings, and more!

THT only has 8 members!

Many people spend more time on the forum than on the app!

Those are some of my best weird HS facts. They're not that weird, but OK!


No there aren't. :laughing:

There are many more on the app. Trust me, as an ex autofollow, I got notifications for almost every new user.


No, as in some people are more active on the forum XD

I thought that at first too.


No, I mean a lot of people spend more time on the Forum.

Of course there are more on the app! Who else would be on the Forum XD

That laughing face at the 'mistake' felt a little mean ;~;

Don't worry, I know you didn't mean to!


Ah, I was assuming it was just a grammar mistake. :laughing:

My bad!

@treefrogstudios, I didn't see it as mean, I was just trying to lightheartedly point out something. :D


Oh, you thought I meant 'Many people are on the forum, more than the app!'


I know, but still. :D


2000 accounts on the forum total versus over 43000 accounts that liked Kaleidocosmos XD.


Yeah! :D

Maybe change it to "Many people are more active on the forum than the app!".


No, dat comma dere no right XD

Why did I just turn into a grammarless beast?

Wait, what?


The comma is incorrect!



Whoops, tiny phone, little keyboard. I'll change it. :D


This is slowly turning into a grandma war!

EDIT: A grandma war? AUTOCORRECT WHY?! ROFL- literally!

A GRAMMAR war! Not grandma!

I just snorted XD


MagmaPOP is lives on Mars
Ask @Kiwicute2016 ! She met him over da hologram XD


On my Languages of the Hops topic, he also edited, saying he spoke Martian… o.O


Naturally he would need to be able to talk to the other citizens of Mars :slight_smile:


True that XD