Weird bug-zoom in/out in iphone projects?


so, i was playing an iphone project. i accidentally pinched the edges, and then now it’s zoomed in?

i’m on an ipad pro 10.5 inch, latest version of hopscotch.


First like! (Hopefully first post?) Try pinching in the opposite direction.


yeah, i can zoom in/out. the weird thing is, i can only do it on the edges of the screen. also, please don’t say “first comment and like!”.


That’s interesting… Just a minute… Let me get my iPad and try this out myself.

Sorry… It’s kind of a habit…


Ok, um… I am trying this myself and you should have no problem as long as you’re doing the gestures on the vacant part of the screen, it should be okay…


I thought this bug was fixed a while ago.


I did too… That is why I’m trying to see if there’s something he missed…


strange huh?
It did not do this to me when i pinched it


This is interesting and weird and I tried it and it worked zooming in the edges on an iPad Air 2 with iOS 10 and the latest version of Hopscotch installed. Here’s a new bug for @awesomeonion and the rest of the Hopscotch Team to look at, I guess.