Weird bug with beta



I just went into the beta for no reason at all, and I was in someone else's beta account! @Liza @alish plez halp?


Who's account was it?


It was WrestlingMansionopen.


Same..I had ash1990


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too, I was SmartScorpion...


what?!?!?!? I will go check the beta


This is actually kinda hilarious XD look at mine


I searched up my account on the beta and it did not show up.
Maybe the beta gave us decoy accounts and deleted our others...?



Hi @Valgo and @friendship2468,

Thanks for letting us know about this problem! Could you do me a favor and email with some screenshots of what happens when you try to sign in or search your accounts? I'll tell the dev team about these weird bugs.



I can't right now, sorry. Can't email, my mom has no hopscotch on her phone.


@valgo @CreativeCoder @seawolfwerehorse @friendship2468 @Ihasfluffycupcakes I have an update!

This odd behavior was caused by new Beta updates. We add new changes to the Beta every couple of weeks and when we do this, we wipe the database. That's what makes your accounts disappear! When this happens, just create another Beta account and code on. Since the database was wiped, you might be able to create a "new" account using your old Beta user name and password.

As a general rule of thumb, it's good to make bigger, more elaborate projects in the production version of Hopscotch. The Beta is unstable, but it's supposed to be: it's a sandbox where we try out new things and see what breaks.

In the future if you see other Beta testers having this problem, be sure to pass this info along. Thanks for being so patient!


When is the new beta going to be out??


We don't have one on the schedule now, but when it's available, you'll get an email. Stay tuned!


Okay thanks Liza! I will be on the lookout!


I'm now a beta, anyone know when the next one is coming out?



DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

You (might) be hacked...