Weird bug on the forum


So basically i found a weird bug on the forum the thing on the side that shows the date when the topic was made and the date with the most recent activity well sometime it says the bottom date all wrong!
Heres some pics:

Latest Error Thing?

The second pic is still uploading...


Your second picture won't upload. Try refreshing your page. :slight_smile:
I'll take a look and try to figure this one out!


December 1969????!?!?!??



Also, take note that the first post says '"8 hours ago."
That would've been August 16th, or today! (EST)
The top post says July 27th!
This is a weird glitch! Try refreshing!


Actually i think it was the wrong one anyways....


idk, maybe some glitch related to this?

Ummmmm....Forum Glitch?

I thought it was random!!


That's strange... Well it isn't happening to me :)
very strange...


Hey i earned nice topic!
Also for some reason i cant find the picture i thought took one but i might not of or i might of deleted it


For me, It's saying January 1970.
@Liza what is this?


This is really weird. My guess is that it says January 1970 for you, me, and KVJ (examples).
Read the article and you'll understand why.

And for BB, CandyCane and some more.


I took that picture on July 27