Weird annoying glitch



Sometimes I get this weird glitch when sometimes I can't reply to a topic is this normal?


It's probably because you ran out of replies! If it doesn't come up with an alert about using all your replies, you may want to ask @Liza, or send them an email.


Is there an error that comes up? If so, what? The topic might be closed.


Oooh thank you @Malie ya know I only thought we had limited likes! But wait I just replied....


Hmmmm..... Well, did it do that earlier today? Your device could just be slow....


The topic may be closed. Or you mistapped. Does a notice come up? If so, what does it say?

@Malie, she is a member. And once you get member, you get unlimited replies.


No notices ya know the symbols at the bottom the reply icon just vanishes. (For some reason this happens on topics with quite a lot of replies.)


You mean that when you tap the reply button, all the symbols dissapear, and where you are typing or should be typing dissapears? Do you see a little gray border at the bottom of the screen when what I described happens?
If you do, just tap the gray tab and where you should type is up again.


No I mean the reply I on just isn't there.


I think this is a glitch. Discourse made this as a template for the Hopscotch Team, and they update it too. There was a recent update. I've never had this.

Maybe the type of device you use when this happens or the new update on the forum brought along the glitch?

When was the first time you had this glitch?


Could you post a screenshot? :D


This has been happening for a while


I need a rough estimation. Maybe, for example, two or three weeks ago? A few days ago? A week ago? A month ago? :D

Screenshot, please. :D

Oh, seriously. :HALP, the prizes are too awesomeD
Look what the boy put in the :D.


I'm not sure! :3


My guess is that the topic was closed.


But would a topic created by THT be closed?


Cool? Weird? Hopscotch?
Was closed.
Thats a THT topic.


That means that the topic's closed!
Don't worry, it's not a glitch! ;D


Random shoutout to Bubbles4ever929