Weigh in: How the forum can best achieve its purpose? 🤖

Ok, I responded because I asked specifically if each person should have their own project updates, Ana said no


Fix chatting:

Now noticed that this is called fix chatting instead of demolish chatting. This is because some random chatting is good. It helps promote working together and gives you a fun connection that you wouldn’t get without a random conversation, but if not monitored, random chatting can also promote bad things, like selfish feelings or talk of inappropriate topics. General Topic™ (the trademark is just for fun) is a great example of bad random conversation. General topics make their creator think it is all about them. That people come to their general topic because they want to talk to them personally. This is horrible for a community that promotes teamwork because it’s all self-centered. Another problem with the general topics is, because everyone has their own general topic, it makes things super hard to moderate. Even a third problem (the most important) with general topics is that they discourage coding. People extremely disliked when I did my general topic test. The test was where I went to one of the latest general topics and said “Hello [insert creators username here], have you been coding anything in Hopscotch recently?”. The results were surprising. I was accepted by few, most of whom said that they haven’t coded on Hopscotch for a while, mocked and made fun of by others, and just all around hated by everyone else, so what should we do? We want a place for Hopscotchers to get to know each-other, but don’t want to discourage coding and creativity. My idea for fixing this problem is actually quite simple and should take 1-3hours to complete. Here it is:

Step 1. Ban and hide/delete all General Topics
The purpose of doing this is to make the forum much easier to moderate, remove a lot of clutter, and to promote good community morals.
A way you can do this is by making the general topic category only viewable to admins, or if you know how to delete a category with all its topics, that would work out a lot better and clear up loads of server space.

Step 2. Create a place for everyone to chat together
I would suggest using a chat plugin for discourse called Babble (https://meta.discourse.org/t/babble-a-chat-plugin/87297?) and just turn off direct messaging and make a couple chat rooms. If you don’t want to go to all that trouble setting it up, just create a few topics designated for for chatting. The reason you would want to use Babble over creating a topic for chatting is 1. It separates chatting and topics 2. The 10,000 post limit makes it so you will have to create a new topic every 10,000 posts, and trust me, you’d end up creating a lot of topics… 3. It let’s people know that you promote some random chatting, but it’s just a small part of the forum.

Step 3. Announce your changes
People must know what you’ve done and what they are now not allowed to do

This is a tiny snippet from my huge essay I’m working on called: How to fix the forum

  1. we’re actually doing that tomorrow
  2. Ana’s making 1 common gt tomorrow
  3. We do… don’t we?

What Fea said, you kinda missed the big news: GTs closed, one project updates, just put #announcements on watching


I did!!! This is super super exciting!!!


I had a question about being banned

If you have a profile discovered by another forumer (say an Insta profile), but never linked it or hinted it, can you get banned?


If it’s a truly accidental/random meeting, don’t worry about it. However, if you suspect someone is stalking you, notify the owners of the platform of your suspicions. The concern about contact is about doing what we can to protect users against people with malicious intent. Since we have no way to determine intent, the safety net has to include all forms of contact shared within this forum or the app. A happenstance discovery outside the forum doesn’t fall under those parameters and doesn’t merit our concern unless you share specifics here. Does that make sense?


Can @Leaders pm?


No. We have our own category where we collaborate together with Ana, but we can’t pm.


Maybe make a feature where regulars/leaders can customize their titles themselves anytime? I’m not sure ;-;


I don’t think that’s possible.


I think it used to be like that in 2016, but then most of the titles were taken away, since there were too many.


That’d be difficult, because so far only admins are able to do it, it requires you to be able to see the /admin page of a user.


Oh. Maybe that’s not such a good idea, considering that there has already been something like that. Thanks for the advice.


Genius petrichor


Wouls it be appropriate to have a topic dedicated to funding forum tricks, for example:

@Like This one :thinking: hello

Or this one infveedwi0nef
Or this one jifsonuojnwun