Weigh in: How the forum can best achieve its purpose? 🤖



Dear Hopscotchers,

In order to make the Hopscotch forum a better place for you, we recently posted a statement of the forum’s purpose. Here it is:

The Hopscotch Forum is a space for you to discuss the Hopscotch app and language. You can ask questions, get help and learn about coding with Hopscotch. You can also participate in the language evolution by reporting bugs, suggesting new features and chiming in on the planned roadmap. Lastly, it’s a place where you can discuss topics related to Hopscotch such as projects you’re working on, tutorials you’ve created, coding projects you’ve created around Hopscotch in other languages, or ideas for collaborations.

Now is your chance to affect the forum’s evolution. Tell us your ideas for how the forum can best fulfill this purpose. Do you have ideas for new features or topics that would help? Are there existing features of the forum that are hindering the purpose? We want to know! Please comment below with your comments, ideas, and suggestions.


Thank you Ana for this! I was wondering, is their a beginners guide on HS on how to use everything? I haven’t coded for a while and HS has changed since I last had it, I also can’t quite remember how it worked! Thank you!


Yes, there is a beginner’s guide to Hopscotch under the videos tab called “Learn to Code” or something like that


There’s also this: [OFFICIAL] New Users Guide For The Hopscotch Forum

Hope it helps!



  • Translation feature so messages can easily be moderated
  • ToS and Privacy Policy statements on the sign-up page
  • A breakdown of what info is sent around the forum servers (after all this forum is for kids)


Maybe make the forum more coding related?


I have a question. Will there be restrictions on general topics and other non-Hopscotch related content?


I agree that that would work maybe. Like maybe getting rid of some GT’s and maybe just a chatting topic?

It might not work out very well but ehhh


Thank you so much!


what about like a little chat button feature on the corner that when u click it it opens up a side bar with a chat option for all the users to interact, we can have different servers for different chat rooms but maybe then you could get rid of gts if thats what yall are looking for.

all the chatrooms would be public obviously


Something to regulate GT’s would be nice


Maybe bring back custom titles as rewards for winning official coding contests? I wouldn’t be able to enter them but I think it’s a fun reward that would encourage more forumers to code!


I thought that they had not been removed, but that’s just from reading oldposts from summer 2018.


Custom titles were actually never removed – If you win a big, official contest like the summer comp, you can still get custom titles


Oh cool ! I thought they stopped doing that. Well never mind then lol


Lol yeah
Nah. Custom titles are sic, they won’t stop, at least I don’t think so


This is the info sent:


I have an idea for the forum actually. If we were to add an actual category for coding updates (idk of this was already said). I think that way we would know what everyone’s upcoming projects, whereas instead of one topic where it may just disappear. Everyone could have just one topic, and there they put in their coding updates.


I asked Ana about project updates, she said they are going under one topic. Remember, we do have a forum feature where you can click on a PFP and press the filter (x posts in topic) to show only their responses


I know they are going into one topic, I don’t live underneath a rock. It was just something I thought of