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I need new recruits for the WTR (weekly taco report). I need some help finding cool stuff that deserves a prize and people who help me get shout-outs. I also need people to fetch me some information to put in the report section.

  • Hurricane Mattew
  • Most recent Featured
  • Best TACO project


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This poll is for what the weekly taco report 8's "report" section should be on!


Hi @TACOCODE I voted most recent featured because they deserve it


Kul. Also, i like your avatar! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::taco::bangbang:️


I would love to join your news crew!
(Well I think that's what it is...)


That is exactly what it is! What is your hopscotch user name? Also, i would love to have you on board! You get a shout-out in the 8th weekly taco report!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::taco::chicken::basketball::soccer:️:volcano::cloud_lightning::beginner:


RESULTS ARE IN. I will write about the most recent project on featured for the 9th weekly taco report.


Also, your job can be to find really cool projects and tell me about them for the prize! :grinning:


Great! Thanks. Sorry for the late reply. My hopscotch username is my forum name- @PotatoLover3 .


K. I just followed you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was in hurricane mattew. Myrtle Beach, south carolina. It was a catagory 2 by the time it hit us. We lost power and my dad pulled out a generator. Our fence broke, our 2 trees fell down and my neibors lost shingles on their house


(Sorry late reply)
But I saw them. I think they're good.


Im sure they are all right.


Can I join? I could help out because I never pay attention in school! :3


Same here. Even though i got honor roll on my report card yesterday (95,96,83,92) we have a ten point gradin scale. #middleschool8th


Oh! And yes you can join. You can be the person who finds cool stuff we can put in the report section. Ex: WTR1; some one made a game called "Taco". It was an outrage because it had nothing to do with tacos!:rage::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses::nerd: Ex2: someone made a really cool trail art of a taco and claimed a reward


Bye for now! Gotta get back to chorus


To be honest I don't really either but I have good luckwow I'm late


Can you say that I'm your new coding parter in the next WTR you don't have to but it would be nice also I'm working on a MASIVE update for taco dash hope you like it​:slight_smile: