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Shoutout For March 3, 2016: First Shoutout From MiracleShoutouts

Shoutout goes to… @DancingLollipop for being a great, unnoticed, amazing, nice Hopscotcher! Congratulations, @DancingLollipop!

You are a great coder, though unnoticed. You have been on Featured! You created a Cat Club. Will you revive it? You are kind, sweet, nice, and a wonderful Hopscotcher! We love you, @DancingLollipop!


Shoutout For March 6, 2016: Second Shoutout From MiracleShoutouts

Shoutout goes to… @CinderLeaf for being, nice, awesome, and an amazing Hopscotcher! Congratulations, @CinderLeaf!
You are awesome at Hopscotching and are just pure amazing! I love your tutorial on how to get kanomojis! I love you, @CinderLeaf!


Shoutout For April 2, 2016: Third Shoutout From MiracleShoutouts

Shoutout goes to…


She has had some rough times, but she has made it through! She is an amazing coder and is Potter Productions on Hopscotch. She is a big Harry Potter fan. And check out her bio! There's some cool pictures there!



Totally agree!!! I also gave her a shoutout in the Hopscotch Oscars!


Yeah, we saw that!


I did it because of that.


You are keeping this on one topic right? (Don't want to be tagged for a shoutout every week)



Congrats, @DancingLollipop!


Of course I'm probably not going to keep this on one topic, but it is on-topic (I think), and you won't get tagged for a shoutout every week, you will probably only be tagged monthly, is that okay?


Sure :smile: (Space space space)



Go @DancingLollipop! We love you! You're a great Hopscotcher!


She is going to get a lot of notifications.


Okay, thanks!


LOL ikr :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


lol I know right?!?! :sweat_smile:


Does ikr mean I know really?


I think it means "I Know RIght"


Omg thank you so much!! This just made my day!! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


It means
*Usually used for a sort of, "casual agreement", or sometimes sarcasm. :3


You are an awesome person you know!


Yup! Here's a like! :heart:


Wow thank you!! I really wonder who you are 🤔


You're welcome! Doesn't make sense to have an account called "MiracleShoutouts" and not do any Shoutouts. Congratulations on getting our first shoutout, @DancingLollipop! How many notifications for getting tagged on this topic did you get?