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Maybe the hopscotch team should also add ingame competitions like "The Hopscotch-athon" where you try to make projects that impress the hopscotch team


That's a really great idea! That would be really cool.

Last year the Hopscotch Team had a Halloween contest where people could make Halloween-themed projects and enter them to win an awesome reward. It would be super awesome if they did something like that again this year or maybe even something with a different theme :smiley:


That sounds great, @t1_hopscotch and @SuperTim25! I hope this year maybe the contest theme could be Christmas or Thanksgiving! We could have like a race to see who gets the largest number of likes without begging for them or the person who creates the most projects with at least two coding blocks. You wouldn't want to count projects that are random, have no effort, or have the least amount of time in it (30 seconds to 5 minutes shouldn't be how much time you put into the projects in the contest).


Oh hi t1hopscotch and berrymelon, I have a question, if Hopscotch-athon is ever added, when should it happen. P.S: the reason I replied so late is beacause we're living opposite sides of the world, as in nighttime for you is daytime for us and vice versa


Don't worry about late replies :smiley: Like @Berrymelon said, I think a seasonal theme or special theme that relates to a special holiday or event would be cool.


Yup, hmm like uhhhh... I know, a theme like wildlife


Actually, the reason I didn't reply for days is because my grandpa died, we had to visit him before burial so we took a boat ride


Don't worry at all about late replies @SuperTim25 We all can't be on the forum 24/7. Just remember not to stray off-topic and I'm sorry about what happened.

A wildlife-themed competition would be cool :smiley:


A wildlife theme would be awesome since we have some wildlife characters in Hopscotch!
We could also do a contest where you create a project from one of the Hopscotch tutorial videos and we could see who put in the best effort for each video!


That's a very great idea @Berrymelon! I didn't even think about how many wildlife characters there are on Hopscotch. Also lots of wildlife emojis too :monkey_face:

And I love seeing when people put their own twist on the Hopscotch videos so that would be an awesome contest :smiley:


Hi guys, right now i'm in a different place but anyways, my idea would be sports, what do you think?