Weekly challenges



I remember that Heads up game!


I can't wait! I love challenges!


Hi, it seems like @Liza and @Rodrigo are enjoying this topic, but I just wanted to point out that I've already made a topic for the same purpose:

I would appreciate it if one of the moderators would merge this topic with min, as duplicate topics aren't very helpful to the forum :blush:
Also, welcome to the forum, @Maimouna :slight_smile:


I followed you and liked your projects!


Is isn't the daliy challenges updated @Liza and @Rodrigo


These are all awesome! Any more challenge suggestions?


@Maimouna when will the next challenge come up? It's still the New Year's Eve challenge...


The next challenge will be up soon :grin:. If you have any ideas for the next batch feel free to share !



How about a nature challenge or an art challenge?


Oh, cool!
What if you had a challeng just for drawing?
Or a CoSine challenge?


@Maimouna you could also do a character challenge, where you code your favorite character from a tv show or game or book!


Or draw them :wink:



That would be a nice challenge to have :laughing::laughing:


Yeah, it would be....
thinks of all the characters I could draw




I was thinking of ancient places, things, ect. Lie pyramids! And other stuff...


Maybe a sports topic.


Some ideas:
-challenges related to a certain place. Like making a game that takes place at a beach or city
-make your own levels. Kinda like the levels we already have, where someone has to add code to the project to complete the goal, except it will be made by us hopscotchers, and you can feature your favorites as well as add it to the levels tab.
-code your dream home. The name kinda says it all... just code where you want to live
-a tutorial. Code a tutorial on how to do something on hopscotch, like how to publish a project or how to use sin and cos. This could be helpful for newer hopscotchers
-family traditions. Make a project representing one of your family traditions that you do at holidays are something.
-favorite animal Make a game where you have to dodge/ capture your favorite animal, or code trail art of them.
I hope these helped! @Maimouna, @Liza, @Rodrigo


Thank you @Liza, @Rodrigo, and @Maimouna, you took my idea for a daliy challenge​:scream::scream::scream:


What was the idea for the challenge?
Oh was it the sports one?