Weekly challenges


Lets give @Liza, @Rodrigo, and @Meg ideas for weekly challenges!


How about make a drawing game!


I love this suggestion topic! Thanks :slight_smile: Yeah, we need ideas.


Maybe a "professional" challenge – make a project (a game, art, or something else, maybe?) that has to do with real code. That'd be fun to see!


I just want to say that @BellaWafflez17 already made a topic like this. Here it is!


A challenge were you make a car/race car out of pixels, trails or shapes, or text!


Or make a sports game (Racing does count)


Yes please!!

Also! We're going to try daily challenges for a limited time, starting Monday! What do you think?


I love that idea. I can't wait!


Ooh love the idea
- New year card
- making logos
- Use Sine and Cosine to make something
@Liza @Rodrigo


That might get people coding every day so I love that idea :D


It might bring in more people!


I'd like to see a challenge that is based on Rube Goldberg machines. Having objects bump, set values, et cetera. There would be tons of possibilities.

I don't know how the challenge structure and/or layout works, so I'm not sure if this would fit the theme of challenges. I think it's a cool idea, though.


Hey everyone! My name is Maimouna and you may know me already if you've sent an email to Hopscotch :slight_smile:. I'll be helping to make many of these challenges and so far all of your suggestions have been great and really helpful, keep em coming!


Welcome to the forum!


@Liza Some kind of theme like Star Wars, under the sea, etc.


Hi! I've seen you've replied to a few of my e-mails already, I hope you have a great time on the forum!
Also I was wondering if you have an account on the hopscotch app, if so what have you made? :smile:


Hello hopscotch world, I work for hopscotch and I really like to hear your ideas!:grinning:


I made that Head's Up game the Head's Up tutorial is based off of and a bunch of the challenges you guys have already seen! My Hopscotch account is Sillyseabee :slight_smile:


Wow!! Goes to hopscotch, follows you and likes all projects!
Speaking of liking all posts @KVJ, I now realise I should have thought twice before spamming you with likes before! :joy: