Weekly Challenges Topic

I made this topic to talk about weekly challenges. Every Thursday I think, "I wonder what the next challenge will be!"

So this topic is to talk about it. Talk about what your making, ideas, and other things about the challenges. Anything about the challenges is what you can talk about, so have fun!


Some of my friends ^
(Sorry if you didn't wanna be tagged here)


First like and first post! I think that this weeks challenge was cool!


I think it is too! I couldn't think of anything to make for it though... Any ideas?

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I don't know what 'weekly challenges' are so...
leaves topic

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On hopscotch THT have new weekly challenges every Friday. They will feature their favorites.

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I have no idea what the next topic for challenges will be...


I just made a little instruction manual thing. You can look for it on my profile. It's DiamondDragon​:dragon_face:!

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Tht will probably take a break from the weekly challenges soon if they're going to have the Christmas challenge again

Nice topic! I really like this week's challenge. I love seeing everyone's tutorials and kind projects. It's so awesome when Hops help out other Hops. :smiley:


Why do people flag you even if it is a good thing?

Check out this topic- it's not a person who's flagging.

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Ok, I'll check it out if I remember :smiley:

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i am making a thing



What kind of thing?