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So, we all know about the Hopscotch weekly challenges, right?
If not, check out these posts:

This is a topic, similar to Nominations for Featured, where you can, in a way, "nominate" ideas for future coding challenges.
I'm sure the Hopscotch Team will be excited to hear all of your awesome ideas! >///<
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Cool colors challenge!~DiamondDragon
Snow challenge
Christmas challenge
New Years challenge
Remake of an app challenge - @William04GamerA
Logo remake - @William04GamerA
Create a project about how you got your username! ~ @PumpkinGirl
Obstacle course. - @Petrichor

Weekly challenges
Weekly challenges

What if we had a cool colors challenge?


What exactly do you mean?


Basically the warm colors challenge, but with cool colors. This could be to celebrate winter, because not everyone will celebrate the same holiday.


That's a really good idea!


But how could you miss winter?


No, It would be to celebrate winter. Speaking of winter, it's supposed to snow where I live and school might get cancelled!


When Some one gets sick or has to go home People in my school act like they won the lottery because the just hit the jackpot


Christmas challenge? New Years challenge? Snow challenge?

Can't think of anything good lol

Good topic :+1:


If someone goes on vacation, they still have to do the homework because they aren't sick, and almost everything is on the computer. Also, we should probably
get back on topic.


Those are all awesome ideas! Maybe for the New Years challenge, we could code the ball drop! owo

If you want, you can edit those ideas into the first post.


Thank you, I'll edit them lol :smile::smile:


Cool idea! I´ll add some :slight_smile:




Bump >///<


Oh, cool, nice topic idea! Here are some challenges I think would be fun:

  • Specific color challenges where you have to make a project with only one color (reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, pinks, etc.). It would be similar to the warm colors challenge, but only with one color.
  • Dream job challenge! You could a game, animation, art, etc. to represent what you want to be when you grow up. I think it'd be interesting to see everyone's ideas.
  • School challenge! (It's more fun than its sounds- promise XD) You could make a project about something you've recently learned in school and share it with others. I've made some of these, and showed them to my teachers.
  • Holiday challenge! You could code your favorite holiday. Maybe do specific ones, too, like a Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah Valentines Day, etc. challenge
  • Fashion designer challenge! Design your own outfit of pieces of clothing with code. Maybe make a game where you can design your own clothes!
  • Music challenge! Code your favorite musical instrument or favorite piece of music on Hopscotch!
  • Seasons challenge! Code your favorite season or something to represent that season.


Hey everyone! My name is Maimouna and you may know me already if you've sent any emails to Hopscotch :slight_smile:. I'll be helping to make many of these challenges and so far I'm loving all of your suggestions. They are super helpful, keep em coming!


I remember you sent me an email! Pleasure to meet you.


How about a trail art challenge? Or pixel art? Or game?


These are so great :slight_smile:. Any more challenge suggestions?