Weekly challenge one


Hello everybody. This is the first weekly challenge hosted by the Hopscotch Coder Society. The theme is: Emoji.

Make your best emoji related project, publish it titled #HCSCHALLENGE1 and either like the project we have made on Hopscotch to correspond with this topic, or reply to the forum topic with a link. Projects are due a week from now, on June 7th, 2018. Good luck.

Hopscotch project:



Hello there, please don’t tag the OMTL here, make a tag list, ask people to join it if they are interested in participating in these competitions. Just repost the tag list every time you make a new competition


I could join the tag list.


Why do I think this idea was taken right out of my Emoji of the Week contest?


I am sorry you feel that way. We were unaware you had a contest similar to this challenge. We will check your forum profile for it.

P.S. Would you like to become a Journeyman Coder? All you have to do is make a test project, but @Petrichor used an old one. If you want to become a Journeyman Coder quickly, do it before July 1st.


Okay @Yusamac205: I have read your topic, and it seems different to this.


Well, I’m just happy to know that you didn’t copy my idea…