Weekend Coding Sleepover Club!


So, I've never been to a sleepover, but I thought I could host one. It wouldn't be that fun, but it would be too. The sleepover could be on only the weekends since I don't want to bother anyone on their sleeping routine when they are going to school. (Are you homeschooled? Well, you still have to learn, right?) Here's how the sleepover works: 1. Tell me if you want to host a sleepover. If I can, I will eventually host a party without warning. 2. On only the weekends, at night or like, dawn(Mostly on Saturdays because on Sundays, the next day you have to go to school but...) you will try to wake up (If you have your own room than set your alarm clock) and come to this topic and talk with us. If you have to leave, just tell us. 3. HAVE FUN!!! You can talk about coding, hopscotch, and other coding or hopscotch forum topics. So, anyone can join this club without warning. So, you don't have to be like all my other clubs where people say, "Oh, I want to join" which is a waste of typing.


This is a great idea! Nice topic =D


260 day bump! I guess this could be used for the summer!