Week of No Code 🙁



(Hold your flags! This is Hopscotch related!)
Hey guys! I have good news and bad news.

Bad news: I'm going on vacation on Monday, and will be gone until the following Monday. I won't have my iPad, so no Hopscotch (at least the app) for a week!!! I might be on the forum, though. Just not every minute!

Good news: I'll be on Hopscotch from noon until 8:30 PM tomorrow (Sunday)! So I'll make projects for a long time tomorrow!

Plz don't spam like me while I'm gone! I'll keep you updated!


Have fun! :smile::smile::smile:

If you want to avoid getting a ton of notifications when you get back, you can go in preferences and turn off notification when your liked! :grinning:


Please tell me how! I ignore the likes!


Go in preferences, and scroll to the bottom. You'll find it! :wink:


Thanks! Did it, want to avoid tons of likes and see the important notifications!
Now, BOT.


Wow, that's cool!
If only you could do that on the app, too!


About to board the plane and am typing this on a rental tablet in the airport. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks! Boarding in 4 minutes!


Where are you going?


Omg, i hope you have a really nice holiday XD @Sensei_Coder


Florida! :blush: (20202020)