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I got in my car, destination in mind, drove to the house.
I got shivers the moment I got there.
Broken windows and overgrown grass, the house emitted a eerie feeling.
I grabbed the key that, so many years ago, was given to me by my mother.
All she said was “Keep this key and never forget it.”
I was confused, but always kept it in my backpack, in case I would ever need it.
I exited the rusty Toyota and approached the door. Rotting wood and skunk smells littered the air.
I pushed the key into the door, and twisted.
The door opened creaking as it hit the wall.
Pitch Black.
I turned and saw something attached to the door.
It was a sticky note, and as I took it, I heard something to my side.
As I looked, I could barely hear the sounds of movement.
Probably a mouse, I thought.
I went into the light outside and read the note.
“If you need the lights, turn on the generator.”
I looked around and no generator in sight.
But as I turned your head, out of the corner of my eye, I saw some sort of gate.
I approached the side of the house and was met with a jet black gate.
I gave it a push, and it happened to be unlocked.
I went behind the house and saw a orange and black box.
It turned out to be the generator, and as I gave the button a push, I could hear more silent movements.
But as soon as the generator turned on, it muffled the sounds of the steps.
I went back around the house and through the door, I saw the lights flickering on and off. I entered the house slowly and went straight to the kitchen.
In the hallway I saw the basement to your left and the pantry to your right.
I opened the fridge and-
As I explored every other room, they were all empty-
Except the basement.
I opened the door and the stairs down were dimly lit. As I proceeded down the stairs, (that creaked as loud as my farts) I noticed a shelf full of cans and bottles.
As I grabbed a can, I read the name.
“Krackers neat soup”
I immediately turned to the source of the noise, which was next to some broken glass and a mattress.
But then I noticed the hole in the wall, large enough for the average person to squeeze through.
You had thoughts, and were stuck between two things.

What should I do?

  • Go through the hole
  • Get back to your car

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First story so please don’t report


Fantasy and romance(not the 18+ stuff though.)


Cool! I love all genres tbh


New interactive story



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