WebtoonNerd’s General Topic (I don’t know if this is right)


Hi! I love coding and reading webtoons!


HI I believe I replied
Somewhere else


Hiya! Welcome to the forum :D

I also love webtoons
I read most of them and I’m catching up on completed ones

Currently I’m binging girls of the wild’s


I also have webtoons as “my website” on my profile card lol


Nice. I have about 40 that i’m reading. See? I’m obsessed!


Same yeah

I’m really happy super sonic girl came back from hiatus. I missed that webtoon :’D


I have a webtoon. I draw it


This one’s pretty good.


Cool! What is it?
(Character limit)


I believe I replied to you previously, however again, Welcome!


Reapers come in black and blue


It’s cool.
(20 character limit)


This one’s cool too.


Hey! I see that your doing character limit stuff. Just do < (random words in here) > and don’t have the brackets and numbers. Just letters




Just add the > and your done.


:open_mouth: magic!


Haha! You did it! Hhhhhhhhh


What do you think about it


It’s pretty interesting.