Website technical error (clone index)

This explanation on the HS website isn’t accurate. Clone index for the original object is 0.

(When clone index was originally introduced the index of the original object was 1, but that has since been changed)

Not sure who, if anyone would be good to tag. @t1_hopscotch, maybe?


It’s not that it’s inaccurate, the info just hasn’t been updated in years.

It was last updated on August 31, 2017. Which, I believe, was before the update where original object clone index was changed to 0.


Yea, they should fix that tho, it can be confusing to newcomers

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Oh yes thanks for the tag and for noticing it. I updated that info now :slight_smile:

I’m thinking that the current description of clone index in the app is not accurate as well:

A reference to the original object that your object was cloned from. If you use this in a non-clone object it’s the same as self. This is useful when you want all the clones to react to the original object in a fixed way.

For example, in the “Mirror” custom rule, you drag the original object and its clones will position themselves in relation to the original’s position.

(It looks like it’s referring to the Original Object reference, so I will have to check that.)

Definitely feel free to tag me when it comes to (I did work through updating some categories on the site, though I am working mainly on video tutorials & with seed dev program at the moment. But will be updating the blocks info on the site later on.)


Before this closes, You should add, after “the clone before it.”:
“If there was no clones available, the index would have 1.”

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maybe i’m not enough advanced on coding (well even i created Smashy it doesn’t mean i’m a pro), but i don’t think that when there’s no clones available, the index is 1

when there’s no clone there’s no value, that’s all

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