Website Section in your Profile


Due to recent events, we found out that major problems can happen when trying to change settings, due to one small section- your website.

Even though it seems like a small, useless box, it is vital to have it either filled up, or cleared out.

If you are trying to change your profile settings, and keep getting "Website is Invalid" and have no idea why, it's because your website box is partially filled.

In order for there not to be complications, you need to have it either filled, or cleared.

To change it, go into settings, scroll down until you find the box that says "Website", check to see if there is a valid website, or if it's blank, if it's half-completed, make it blank, save your changes.



Wait... In the forum?


Okay! Thanks! So what do I do?


I made mine the Wikipedia page for potato. That's my website now. Potato. :laughing:


I'll elaborate, my cats tail keeps getting in the way :wink:


I'm kinda confuzzled at the moment, could someone please help?


1) Go into Preferences
2) Find the box that says "Website"
3) Make sure it is either empty, or has a valid website url
4) Save Changes


Oh! Ok I'll try that!


Thanks, I know exactly what you are talking about!


I can't change that about thing because it says Website is invalid.


Well, make sure the website isn't invalid ._.
Idk, I never encountered this


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When funky 63 sh'rekts someone


It won't let me change my about me! It's not even a website thingy


I know! Check your Website before trying to change your About Me.


What do you mean?????


Just do what I said in Post 7.


Never mind!!! Thanks so much for helping me!!


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PT got leader yesterday and we all had a celebration with gifs :joy:


I changed it so there's what @CreativeCoder said at the bottom in slightly larger text