Webcomic Collab


This had been moved to PM so we don't spoil anything :D

wot wot dis is global edit -le iconic jeens dat r veri jeged


I love making characters! I'm a little too busy to collab, but could I create a character for you? :slight_smile:


it's ok by me! they probably won't come into the story for a while unless we really want to integrate them in ASAP ^^ you can use the form thing if you want, just put it as a reply!!


Hey @Waffle_Draws! Wrote their backstories! Sorry there a little short, typing on an iPod :grimacing:



Heeeei so I saw this topic Dude73 made, and anyways KC said if you don't want the general public to hear about something she can set up a PM between the two of you and I was thinking we might want to write it there so this can be a general discussion and I can write the finalized script there? What do you think? Here's the topic she wrote that:


I moved everything to pm so we don't spoil!

@SmilingSnowflakes @Gilbert189 @Intellection74 anyone of you guys can close :D


Closed upon request of the owner. :)