Web player projects not loading correctly

@Awesome_E @viasfanclub
i’ve already had a couple of bugs on the web explorer, that are common, but it seems for me that the more i use it, the buggier it gets. i can provide screenshots of what i see on my end.

basically, nearly every time i try to open a web player project (whether it be something very simple or containing complex code) one of three things happen

  • my screen goes black/white
  • i get an error message
  • or the game thumbnail will load, but you can’t pass through more than one or two frames of code. the same happened with @/serenity’s pokemon project and @/brutus’s sheep project.

in some of the worse cases my device froze for a couple minutes but that’s only for pretty heavy-duty games. and all i really have to do is wait it out.

it doesn’t matter if the project is old or new, and i don’t know if this is only an issue happening with me, but i prominently rely on the web explorer to view projects since i don’t have the app.

i checked my network connections and restarted my device multiple times over the period of a week to see if anything changed, but it seems like that’s not the issue. is there something i can do on my part to fix this? or is this something that’s just natural to happen with some projects?


This category is meant for bugs when browsing the web explorer, or for projects that are only broken in the web explorer and not the app. Generally, if it happens when playing a project, it’s a #hopscotch-bugs:player topic

This happens when the player uses too much device memory

That happens on the normal c.gethopscotch.com play page as well

Sometimes this is memory, but I think this is still player

That said, we’re sorry that you are experiencing these problems. We’re aware of many of these issues, and are forwarding them to the team to add them to a tracker so that they can be solved.


What error message? Pic pls?


either this-

or i get an error message that says “this project couldn’t be loaded. try again later”
i can’t provide a screenshot for that one at the moment because my entire web explorer won’t work at all


Yeah then Hopscotch’s servers are down