Web based hopscotch?


i know some other people have suggested this before me
why is this a good idea?
having a web based editor would open hopscotch up to many people who don’t have access to an ios device without having to port hopscotch to android. this wold also make hopscotch on pc a viable option.
doing something like this could open hopscotch up to so many more people, because apple devices are very expensive.

why would this not be a good idea
some of the reasons that i could see going against this would be that there already is a prominent block based code language with a web based editor: scratch. a second reason would that this could potentially risk the security of hopscotch as may more malicious things can be done on a computer than on an ios device.

so wha are y’alls thoughts on this?

  • support of hs editor in web browser
  • against hs editor in web browser

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I’ve been working on some kind of similar thing. Making unofficial applications will probably not be approved by THT though, we will have to wait and see for that.


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And who would want to bring down Hopscotch?
Scratch I guess @PartTimeFemale


bring down? no i just meant that scratch basically rules the domain of web based code


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And a “Web-based Hopscotch” should use adobe flash player

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No! It most definitely should not! Doing that would leave some browsers and some platforms in the dust. A web based Hopscotch should be a Hopscotch for all devices.


adobe flash will make it run better. plus it isn’t like cutting HS from some devices is new, Samsung doesn’t have it yet.


Sorry, but I am pretty sure that Flash will be depreciated by Adobe in 2020. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a good option for THT.


Alright, that’s what I was thinking. You actually put it into words.


There would be no reason to switch to flash player


Use Scratch.


scratch is lame and i don’t like it.


Hopscotch is easy to use