Weaknesses and Powers!



Hey guys! I was wondering, what are your weaknesses? What do you need to work on to make things better in HS? But this is going to be positive too! What is the thing you do best on? Why is it your power in Hopscotch? If you have a power that is someone's weakness, help them! Help the, Xcode and take pictures of the code. Help here!

My weaknesses I need to make is Sins and Cos.
My POWER is values. They are my favorite thing to use!


My weakness in coding is sin-cos, and CLONES... I've yet to learn about them, and clones are just NO...

My strength in coding is the layering blocks and values. I've used values to find ways around my weakness with sin-cos, and the layering blocks I use a lot in all of my text-art projects.

My weakness in art is lag, and the color orange. Lag crashes my app when I'm in the middle of a good drawing, and it messes up brush movement. Orange is just... It's my least favorite color. Unlike green, orange just has no place in my styles. Brown and purple are even WORSE... Too many shades and too little usage. Purple scrapes it's way off because it's crucial in drawing magic, and brown gets off easy because it includes skin tones.

My strength in art is my variety of styles. I have over 50 different chibi styles, and at least 9 anime styles. I learned a variety of shading and lighting techniques from @i.is.an.anonymous, and my pool of random styles for different things is constantly expanding each time I see a new piece of art. I can mash up different styles, use only part of a style, or just improvise, all to get the effect I want. Using variety to my advantage in all sorts of doodles and practice, I can constantly develop my own style, which is a sort of mix of all my favorite styles. This is how I grow as an artist, really.

My weakness in music is not being good with the midi hack, and the EXTREME lag on my iPad. Not being able to use the midi hack isn't much of a problem at all; it's more of a goal, as I have a TON of midi's, but lag is a very big problem. This means that I can work for hours on a piece, and then have it all destroyed when my iPad crashes for no reason. Glitches and bugs take many of my biggest projects, and then, when I finally finish it, the song either won't play or will lag really badly.

My strength in music is my ability to compose/transpose by ear. I've been able to play music on flute by ear on my third or fourth try, up to the chorus, and it really helps when I program music. It works in the same way you can imagine what your art will look like before you draw it; I can sort of picture/hear/watch my song being played our on a piano before I get to putting it into Hopscotch. Then it's just editing, editing, and a tad more editing! I'm not as good as people like Anonymous or BuildASnowman, but I'm proud of the works I've made.

I hope this doesn't turn into an essay... XD

EDIT: Welp, here's an essay... Hi...

EDIT: I added another set for music! Yay...


My power is text art and backgrounds!

My not a power/not a weaknesses: Sine and cosine! I am just average with them. Not too good but not too bad. Same with music. I lose patience with music.

My weaknesses: ART! I do not enjoy art, nor am I good at it.


Off-topic: @XiaoMiaoMi one thing I love about you is that your grammar is impeccable! I like that you take time to write your responses.


There's already a topic about this...

Anyway, here are my strengths and weaknesses:

- values
- staying on topic
- pixel art (sort of)
- sin and cos
- music
- finding bugs (I'm not as good as my brother though)

- art in Hopscotch (I've gotten much better, but it still takes a while)
- writing long forum posts quickly
- 2.5D games (I know how to do 2.5D, it just takes a long time)
- programming something that allows people to drag two objects at once in Hopscotch


(credit to mathgirl for layout)
- values
- speed-coding
- staying on topic
- making good mistakes

- EXTREME sine and cosine
- pixal art
- thinking up ideas


(cricket chirps.)


-Basic art pads
-Making random colors

-Pixel art
-Sin and cos
-A lot of other things too...


- stuff

- other stuff


I don't know... I think I'm equal in all coding skills. It's just patience and endurance. I can't go an hour in a row on a project and then do another hour. After that hour it's: 5 minutes every day...


My power is backgrounds. If I have no ideas I just make a background! I do random stuff also.
I have no power in music but if I learn I'm sure I could get better. I'm not very good at pixel art either.


I'm good with clones.


*read in dramatic voice
My POWER is values...Ever since I was young I was the one who loves values NOT my friends NOT my FAMILY it was ME!!! I was the first one in my class to use values...(to be continued)