We2fd back?!(She liked a post)


Hmm. Perhaps she is back. She said she was going to delete the app..


Oh my gosh,,, this is so exciting. I love @we2fd_the_cat 's Hopscotch art.


I'm on there :DDD yey and is that what the iOS ten trident and brush look like? I don't have it ;-;

we2fd explained this on Paper53, so I'm guessing you know what happened by now.


Plz tell!!! I don't know what happened cuz I don't has Paper53!


we2fd downloaded hopscotch again for a short while to see what was up, liked this post because she couldn't resist, and immediately deleted it ;-; and her computer doesn't work, so that explains her inactivity here, but we2fd's trying to fix it :D


how tru ;-; but she isn't,,,, and now I'm getting nostalgia and wishing BadArtist hadn't left,, why,

one of my other accounts was Summer Breeze, and I made her drawing pad on there :D you probably don't believe me, but oh well ;-;


Wait so they back? How do u know they (we2fd) is themselves (we2fd)?


Yep. I know, she actually isn't back.