We Won't Be On Much



We won't be on as much, due to the fact that we STILL haven't finished decorating for Easter, the fact that we have company coming over, and the fact that everything is going to get busy with Easter around the corner. We will put a notice on Hopscotch.

Sorry. We will be on more, starting on Tuesday.



Ok! Have a Nice Easter!


You too! We will! I'm going to be the Easter Bunny of my family…


Have a nice Easter! :slight_smile:


We will! Happy Easter to you, too!


Thanks, but I'm not really celebrating Easter this year! :disappointed: That's why I didn't make an Easter project, well that and I am busy


Too bad, I had an Easter in Connecticut once.


Have an awesome Easter!


Have a wonderful Easter! Eat lots of candy, and have fun!


Thanks, we will! Happy Easter to you, too! Except don't eat too much candy, it could give you a stomach ache and could make you sick!