We Talk About The Problem Of Flagging


Okay, my return Post was not my best appropriate post, I get it. But, I’ve come back with a new approach. I declare Flagging to be a problem; a single flag can take anyone’s post down, and sometimes the flag is for no reason. In my opinion, the flag should be used in a fashion of email (Example: Send The Post via Email and explain the issue). And besides, I’m getting this flagged down anyways for no reason, and I’m stating the problem. Like if you agree and comment down below your opinion on this topic and this topic only!:+1:


Actually it requires two, unlesss if you are regular and you say the post is spam


I don’t really agree with this tbh but I’m curious to see what others think


On this forum, everyone needs two.


I guess that makes sense, since more than one person needs the same opinion.