We should re-think making NEW General Topics, right? [DISCUSS]



That is a cool idea but unlikely…


Maybe you could set it to closed or something


Ooh thanks for the NT badge!


Thanks for making this topic, I get frustrated over the same issue. I don’t have many replies in my GT, but I don’t make a new one because I value the little conversation that happens there.


@sophia71205 anything to add to this discussion?
that was a LOT of likes in one minute :0


I agree with what you said. I can’t edit my GT, but I don’t have anything to add. I have regular though, so I can edit my title. I don’t have a very active GT, but we have had some of the best conversations. I try to avoid getting mine closed from flags. Yeah, just repeating what you said.


Thanks for the input :smiley:


THSM for creating this topic @KVJ! It’s a great topic that is well said! :DDD



Wow 18 likes :flushed: and a Nice Post


Yet I’m still hearing phrases similar to “clogging up the Forum”. What a time to be alive.


I agree with this.

Ignore me

I have made at least five general topics… and almost all of them were closed by flags. I had tagged many moderators and someone even emailed the team about reopening them, but no action was taken. Yes, I do have one open already, but I created a new one thinking that one was going to disappear with HWC.


That is fine.

Although really? When I emailed tht they re opened mine.

And you’re more awesome than me.


Not gonna lie i don’t completely get that phrase but i was showing how its similar to the sbyp issue so i borrowed the phrase


Well yours closed and weren’t opened so you are justified in my opinion ° ͜ʖ°


26 likes is that legit?
Wait 28 wut


i’m guilty of this lol


Well, that’s wrong. I like you and probably a lot of others, like the whole KVJs_Lot.

And, if you don’t are a Regular, t1 could put a topic on global edit for you.

Also, thanks for explaining how to make General Topic the correct way.


KVJ you lied that much that I had to come back.

I agree with everything except that thing.


Good point!

And you’re welcome


Deal with it